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Monday, 19 March 2012

Blog Update

The blog has been up for almost a month now and it's grown incredibly in that time. I've just added a new page which brings the total up to nine, plus the main blog page. Here is a quick run-down of the blog pages and their progress:

About: This is a small section explaining a little bit about the blog and our ambitions here.

Contact Us: This page just has our contact details should you wish to get in touch.

Vocations Resources: This page is still pretty small, I need to do some more work on this. There are some links to both UK and US sites on vocations, I will be adding more as I find them. There are also a few links to reflections and retreats on the religious life.

Religious Communities - Australia & New Zealand: This is still somewhat under construction, I've added the main religious orders but am only halfway through the rest.

Religious Communities - Canada: I've done as much as I can here, though obviously as always please comment with any I've missed. Also, if you speak French there are a few I can't find the information for due to my mediocre French abilities so if you can help I would really appreciate it.

Religious Communities - International: These are the links to the international websites for various orders and communities. There aren't many there as of yet but I will try and expand it soon.

Religious Communities - UK & Ireland: I'm still working on some of the communities in Ireland. 

Religious Communities - USA: There are some orders I need to look into more, but otherwise this list is pretty extensive. 

Communities for Lay People: Pretty much does what it says on the tin, lay organisations associated with religious orders, oblates, third orders, etc. All countries are listed here so locations are not given any more specifically than the country but I will update this later. This list is pretty short at the moment so bear with us.

God Bless
Emily Ann Francis

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