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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Blog Update

In addition to the previous labels, I've begun adding labels for the different religious orders. Previously there were only 'Vocation Stories', 'Community Spotlight' or 'Blog Updates' labels, as well as 'The Story So Far' for both me and Kim. Not all religious orders have labels as of yet but those will come in as they are featured on the blog. As with the pages on communities, the main orders will have labels of their own and then the rest go into 'Other Religious'. It's not to be discriminating against smaller orders, it's just logistically so much easier for us to control that way - if we had a label for every single one then it would just get way too out of hand.

On the sidebar to the right we have a section with all the labels so you can just click on one of them and it will take you to all the posts with that label. All Vocation Stories and Community Spotlights will now be given a label so you can find everything we have relating to a given order.

God Bless
Emily Ann Francis

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