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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Blog Update

If the blog looks a little funky then it's just because I'm playing around with the layout a bit, trying to see if I can't make it a little bit easier to navigate. When you try and change things sometimes it goes a little crazy so please bear with me and I'll have it all spruced up in no time.

Update to an update: I think I've got it okay now. My aim was to make the sidebars and the pages easier to navigate, the pages tabs were getting cluttered and the sidebar was so long it was crazy. The pages links and some of the 'functional' stuff have been moved to a new left sidebar so there you can find the the pages, labels, follow by email, search, followers and the blog archive. The 'contact us' on the sidebar has been moved to its own new page. The right sidebar is now the contributors, me and Kim's own blogs and then pictures of saints who founded various religious orders.

I hope you like the slightly modified look and if you have any feedback on it, positive or negative, feel free to let us know.

God Bless
Emily Ann Francis

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