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Friday, 30 March 2012

Community Spotlight: Prince of Peace Abbey, Oceanside CA

Order: Benedictine
Gender: Men
Charism: Contemplative/monastic
Eligibility: 20-45 years of age, active in parish live for two years at least (at least weekly Mass attendance), must spend one year in contact with the community
min. six months postulancy, twelve months novitiate: evaluation by the chapter as to whether they should continue after six months and again at the twelve, thee years temporary vows: may be extended for one to six years.
Vows: stability, obedience, conversion of life
Practices: Divine Office, Adoration on Sundays, Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Vespers
History: Founded in 1958 by monks from another abbey in Indiana.

Books for Sale - the abbey has many old books for sale, often rare and hard to find, relating to prayer, the Divine Office, Liturgy, chant, etc.

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