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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Reflection on life...

Have you ever actually wondered why things seem to work in a certain way? How seemingly everything eventually fits together in a way you would never expect it to? Well, I do. I wonder about things like this all the time. The thoughts at the back of my mind, deep inside the deepest depths of my heart, the desires, the calling that God is giving me, where God is leading me to. I always wonder where I will end up, and the uncertainty makes me scared and nervous, and sometimes even anxious, but at the same time I feel excitment knowing that whatever it is, there is some sort of plan set out, a path out there for me - something that is unique to only me, something that will be different from every other one of God's children. All the experiences I have had, travelling around, learning different languages, interacting with people, developing skills I can use in my life now and later have been an adventure. That's how I think of life being once I have had the opportunity to fulfil my dreams...part of which include being received into full communion with the Catholic Church - and yes, I'm still not Catholic yet, but soon, although not too soon, I will be. Patience will have my prayers answered again, and with this, I am sure, and I am certain.

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