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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Awareness of my vocation

I have always found that although my life is not necessarily easy, it is one full of fulfilment and satisfaction up to the point that I still have this emptiness in my heart telling me that I'm not quite there yet. I always think to myself and reflect about when I am most aware of my vocation, and it is always when I am experiencing the most "worldly" of amusements, as opposed to what I might have originally thought, for example, times when I am down. I find that my strongest awareness of wanting to help people, care for them and spend time getting to know God in prayer is when I am watching a movie, shopping, cooking, sewing, playing sports - basically, in doing things I enjoy doing. It is not in my sadness and sorrows nor in my times of work, although saying that, I am still aware of my calling, just not half as strongly as I am aware of it when I am doing things I "like" doing.

I have been thinking about some things, especially career-wise. I think I may want to go into the medical field and train to be a nurse or someone who works with children. So basically, exploring my options, which could lead me to anything at the moment, I am thinking of maybe combining the two? A school nurse? I know it sounds crazy to suddenly be saying that when I never really mentioned it before, but I was already testing your reactions to it when I did a form prayers on vocation featuring me in a doctor's uniform, unfortunately, I hadn't one in a nurses uniform, so I had to use that. Not that being a doctor is a bad thing, just that I don't fell called towards that in particular. I am drawn more to the side of nursing or childcare - both of which would technically set my parents alight! They would probably burn every dinner if I wasn't there to cook, and have the house in a mess, but I will teach them in time to be more capable of looking after themselves, my brother included. After all, weren't we always told to teach someone to "fish" not give fish to them...?

Assuring you of my prayer, while asking you for yours,
Kim Lee

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