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Monday, 16 April 2012

An update on some news...

A lot of interesting things have been happening in my life lately. Not all of them are necessarily your "happy-go-lucky" type events, but all of them were most informative. I recently found out a number of things from my childhood which seem to link in with my current dicerning thoughts. I always wondered where I first experienced the Catholic faith and religious life - seems I was in the Canossians' hands as a very very young child when I was in their hospital in Hong Kong. I was very sick when I was born - in fact, on this day, seventeen years ago, I apparently got pneumonia and was so sick people thought I would not survive. Of course, God had other plans and I did. I survived several near death experiences, and so far, I'm counting five.
One of the congregations I am in touch with is the Medical Missionaries of Mary. I know I claimed to have a phobia to blood and needles, but something about healthcare and a medical profession draws me in. I never really told anyone that before because I didn't want any pressure from anyone to influence me. I wanted any calling in that direction to come solely from God, with no other influences that could skew my heart's discernment on the matter. Seems that the sister I am in touch with has worked with the Canossians before on various missions. The pro-activeness, strength in prayer and the whole idea of working in the medical field has lingered in my mind before, even as a child, I just wanted to ignore it - that was my own will. I can't say where this will lead me, but perhaps it may rule out some other communities. I still do want to work with children though, although again, that may be my own will. Wherever He leads me, I guess I will go. I have so many doors open to me it's difficult to know which one to choose - that is, if I even have a choice! I know we have free will, but as a spiritual mother said to me, "Make plans for God to upset them"... and frankly, she's right about it! :P
Well, I hope you all have a very blessed Eastertide.
With all God's Love and Blessings,
Kim :)

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