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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Blog Update: Emily and Kim

So you've probably noticed that Emily and I haven't been on the blog for a little while. As you know, Emily and I are discerning, and part of that includes visiting different communities and learning more about their individual charisms and spiritualities. I'm currently sitting in the Salesian Sisters' house in South London, borrowing their laptop to look for a job. I'm just waiting now to see if anyone actually replies!

Emily may have told you where she is, but just in case she hasn't, I would rather not publish her location. She is a bit tied up at the moment, so I will be answering emails etc whenever I can. I can't be on all the time as it's expensive for me to travel to the Salesian house everyday to use their internet. I will be online whenever I can be.

God Bless,
Kim Lee

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