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Sunday, 30 September 2012


I'm going to be working on a few changes to the layout, seeing how some other formats might work to make information more easily accessible. So if it's looking a bit weird or something is missing, please bear with me and I'll have it fixed and hopefully improved soon.

Edit: I've got a new layout set up now. Any feedback on it is welcome and appreciated. To access our pages, they are now at the top left on a drop-down menu. The labels are now on the left hand side of the blog, along with the blog archive.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Community Spotlight: Disciples of the Divine Master (PDDM)

Many thanks to Sr. Louise who kindly prepared this Community Spotlight for us and for even including a picture!

Order: Disciples of the Divine Master (PDDM)

Gender: Female

Apostolate/Charism: Strong contemplative-apostolic lifestyle of loving and active silence. A three-fold charism: the main mission is to be 'living lamps' before Jesus present in the Eucharist, offering our prayer and Adoration for the intentions of the whole world. From this Eucharistic mission, two other ministries flow: that of liturgical service and of priestly service. We promote liturgical formation and animation through the production and distribution of sacred art. Alongside this, we are involved in different ministries throughout the day, ranging from sewing and embroidering vestments, painting, sculpture, architecture, music in order that prayer may be characterized by beauty and dignity. We are associated with the ministry of the priest ‘from the womb to the tomb’.

Eligibility: In Ireland, minimum age is 21, upper limit is 35 though acceptance will be discerned on a person to person basis. Must have completed Leaving Certificate (Irish system) or same equivalent in other countries. Candidates must have good health, be debt-free and be open to spending some of the formation period in Italy.

Formation: period of formation varies but after an initial ‘come and see’ period, the candidate is admitted to pre-postulancy (usually 1 year), then postulancy (1 yr), 2 years novitiate after which she is admitted to First Profession. A minimum of 6 years in temporary vows follows until Perpetual Profession

Vows: Vows of poverty, chastity and obedience lived in community life

Practices: Day begins with 2 hours of liturgical and biblical prayer in common, including Lauds and Mass. The sisters pray the ‘Little Hours’ if they desire. Throughout the day, we have at least 2 hrs in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, as Perpetual Adoration is the foundation stone of our religious life. All our meals are in common, thus we cultivate a strong community life. In the evenings, we gather for Vespers and common prayers to thank Him for all He has given and to continue our prayer for the world. Our community prayer is open to lay people who wish to pray the Divine Office with us, morning and evening. Other practices include Rosary, guided Holy Hours for Vocations and the Church.

Founded in 1924 in Italy by Blessed James Alberione (1884 -1971) we form part of the Pauline Family. This is a family of priests, religious and lay people whose mission is: ‘to live and give Jesus Master to the world’. We are a community born of the Eucharist, open to the newness of the Spirit and inserted within our socio-ecclesial context. We are an international Congregation of religious women present in 31 countries. Our consecrated life is centred on the Eucharist– a life of prayer and intercession for all of humanity.

Visit our website:
International website (available in 4 languages):
Blog: Pilgrims Progress:

Monday, 24 September 2012

Regula Sancti Benedicti - The Rule of St Benedict

The Rule of St Benedict
Prologue - Source

Listen carefully, my child, to your master's precepts, and incline the ear of your heart (Prov. 4:20). Receive willingly and carry out effectively your loving father's advice, that by the labor of obedience you may return to Him from whom you had departed by the sloth of disobedience. To you, therefore, my words are now addressed, whoever you may be, who are renouncing your own will to do battle under the Lord Christ, the true King, and are taking up the strong, bright weapons of obedience. And first of all, whatever good work you begin to do, beg of Him with most earnest prayer to perfect it, that He who has now deigned to count us among His children may not at any time be grieved by our evil deeds. For we must always so serve Him with the good things He has given us, that He will never as an angry Father disinherit His children, nor ever as a dread Lord, provoked by our evil actions, deliver us to everlasting punishment as wicked servants who would not follow Him to glory.

Let us arise, then, at last, for the Scripture stirs us up, saying, "Now is the hour for us to rise from sleep" (Rom. 13:11). Let us open our eyes to the deifying light, let us hear with attentive ears the warning which the divine voice cries daily to us, "Today if you hear His voice,
harden not your hearts" (Ps. 94[95]:8). And again, "Whoever has ears to hear, hear what the Spirit says to the churches" (Matt. 11-15; Apoc. 2:7). And what does He say? "Come, My children, listen to Me; I will teach you the fear of the Lord" (Ps. 33[34]:12). "Run while you have the light of life, lest the darkness of death overtake you" (John 12:35).
And the Lord, seeking his labourer in the multitude to whom He thus cries out, says again,
"Who is the one who will have life, and desires to see good days" (Ps. 33[34]:13)? And if, hearing Him, you answer, "I am the one," God says to you, "If you will have true and everlasting life, keep your tongue from evil and your lips that they speak no guile. Turn away from evil and do good; seek after peace and pursue it" (Ps. 33[34]:14-15). And when you have done these things, My eyes shall be upon you and My ears open to your prayers; and before you call upon Me, I will say to you, 'Behold, here I am'" (Ps. 33[34]:16; Is. 65:24; 58:9). What can be sweeter to us, dear ones, than this voice of the Lord inviting us? Behold, in His loving kindness the Lord shows us the way of life.

Having our loins girded, therefore, with faith and the performance of good works (Eph. 6:14),
let us walk in His paths by the guidance of the Gospel, that we may deserve to see Him who has called us to His kingdom (1 Thess. 2:12). For if we wish to dwell in the tent of that kingdom, we must run to it by good deeds or we shall never reach it. But let us ask the Lord, with the Prophet, "Lord, who shall dwell in Your tent, or who shall rest upon Your holy mountain" (Ps. 14[15]:1)? After this question, brothers and sisters, let us listen to the Lord as He answers and shows us the way to that tent, saying, "The one Who walks without stain and practices justice; who speaks truth from his heart; who has not used his tongue for deceit; who has done no evil to his neighbor; who has given no place to slander against his neighbor." This is the one who, under any temptation from the malicious devil, has brought him to naught (Ps. 14[15]:4) by casting him and his temptation from the sight of his heart;
and who has laid hold of his thoughts while they were still young and dashed them against Christ (Ps. 14[15]:4; 136[137]:9). It is they who, fearing the Lord (Ps. 14[15]:4), do not pride themselves on their good observance; but, convinced that the good which is in them cannot come from themselves and must be from the Lord, glorify the Lord's work in them (Ps. 14[15]:4), using the words of the Prophet, "Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your name give the glory" (Ps. 113[115:1]:9). Thus also the Apostle Paul attributed nothing of the success of his preaching to himself, but said, "By the grace of God I am what I am" (1 Cor. 15:10).
And again he says, "He who glories, let him glory in the Lord" (2 Cor. 10:17).

Hence the Lord says in the Gospel, "Whoever listens to these words of Mine and acts upon them, I will liken to a wise person who built a house on rock. The floods came, the winds blew and beat against that house, and it did not fall, because it had been founded on rock" (Matt. 7:24-25). Having given us these assurances, the Lord is waiting every day for us to respond by our deeds to His holy admonitions. And the days of this life are lengthened
and a truce granted us for this very reason, that we may amend our evil ways. As the Apostle says, "Do you not know that God's patience is inviting you to repent" (Rom. 2:4)? For the merciful Lord tells us, "I desire not the death of the sinner, but that the sinner should be converted and live" (Ezech. 33:11).

So, brothers and sisters, we have asked the Lord who is to dwell in His tent, and we have heard His commands to anyone who would dwell there; it remains for us to fulfill those duties. Therefore we must prepare our hearts and our bodies to do battle under the holy obedience of His commands; and let us ask God that He be pleased to give us the help of His grace for anything which our nature finds hardly possible. And if we want to escape the pains of hell and attain life everlasting, then, while there is still time, while we are still in the body and are able to fulfill all these things by the light of this life, we must hasten to do now what will profit us for eternity.

And so we are going to establish a school for the service of the Lord. In founding it we hope to introduce nothing harsh or burdensome. But if a certain strictness results from the dictates of equity for the amendment of vices or the preservation of charity, do not be at once dismayed and fly from the way of salvation, whose entrance cannot but be narrow (Matt. 7:14). For as we advance in the religious life and in faith, our hearts expand and we run the way of God's commandments with unspeakable sweetness of love. Thus, never departing from His school, but persevering in the monastery according to His teaching until death, we may by patience share in the sufferings of Christ (1 Peter 4:13) and deserve to have a share also in His kingdom. 

Blog Update

In the interest of so many people who have been looking into Benedictine communities, and also because both Emily and I have been in regular contact with Benedictine communities ourselves, I am going to be posting parts of 'The Rule of St Benedict' up on this blog, both in Latin and in English every so often so that those of you considering a vocation to the Benedictine Monastic life might become more familiar with the Rule as Emily and I are doing so at current. Should you wish to ask questions about the Rule, we would be happy to answer them, or else refer them to a Benedictine Nun or Monk who may be able to tell you more.

God Bless you all, and know you have my prayer,
Kim Lee

Regula Sancti Benedicti (The Rule of St Benedict) Prologue (Latin)

Incipit prologus

Obsculta, o fili, præcepta magistri, et inclina aurem cordis tui et admonitionem pii patris libenter excipe et efficaciter conple, ut ad eum per oboedientiæ laborem redeas, a quo per inoboedientiæ desidiam recesseras. Ad te ergo nunc mihi sermo dirigitur, quisquis abrenuntians propriis voluntatibus, Domino Christo vero Regi militaturus oboedientiæ fortissima atque præclara arma sumis. In primis, ut quidquid agendum inchoas bonum, ab eo perfici instantissima oratione deposcas, ut qui nos iam in filiorum dignatus est numero conputare, non debet aliquando de malis actibus nostris contristari. Ita enim ei omni tempore de bonis suis in nobis parendum est ut non solum iratus pater suos non aliquando filios exheredet, sed nec ut metuendus dominus inritatus a malis nostris, ut nequissimos servos perpetuam tradat ad poenam qui eum sequi noluerint ad gloriam. Exurgamus ergo tandem aliquando excitante nos Scriptura ac dicente: Hora est iam nos de somno surgere, et apertis oculis nostris ad deificum lumen adtonitis auribus audiamus divina cotidie clamans quid nos admonet vox dicens: Hodie si vocem eius audieritis, nolite obdurare corda vestra. Et iterum: Qui habet aures audiendi audiat, quid Spiritus dicat ecclesiis. Et quid dicit? Venite, filii, audite me; timorem Dei docebo vos. Currite dum lumen vitæ habetis, ne tenebræ mortis vos conprehendant.
Et quærens Dominus in multitudine populi cui hæc clamat operarium suum iterum dicit: Quis est homo qui vult vitam et cupit videre dies bonos? Quod si tu audiens respondeas: Ego, dicit tibi Deus: Si vis habere veram et perpetuam vitam, prohibe linguam tuam a malo et labia tua ne loquantur dolum; deverte a malo et fac bonum, inquire pacem et sequere eam. Et cum hæc feceritis, oculi mei super vos et aures meas ad preces vestras, et antequam me invocetis, dicam vobis: Ecce adsum. Quid dulcius ab hac voce Domini invitantis nos, fratres carissimi? Ecce pietate sua demonstrat nobis Dominus viam vitæ.
Succinctis ergo fide vel observantia bonorum actuum lumbis nostris, per ducatum Evangelii pergamus itinera eius, ut mereamur eum qui nos vocavit in regnum suum videre. In cujus regni tabernaculo si volumus habitare, nisi illuc bonis actibus curritur, minime pervenitur. Sed interrogemus cum Propheta Dominum dicentes ei: Domine, quis habitabit in tabernaculo tuo, aut quis requiescet in monte sancto tuo? Post hanc interrogationem, fratres, audiamus Dominum respondentem et ostendentem nobis viam ipsius tabernaculi, dicens: Qui ingreditur sine macula et operatur iustitiam; qui loquitur veritatem in corde suo, qui non egit dolum in lingua sua; qui non fecit proximo suo malum, qui obprobrium non accepit adversus proximum suum; qui malignum diabulum aliqua suadentem sibi cum ipsa suasione sua a conspectibus cordis sui respuens deduxit ad nihilum, et parvulos cogitatos eius tenuit et adlisit ad Christum; qui timentes Dominum de bona observantia sua non se reddunt elatos, sed ipsa in se bona non a se posse, sed a Domino fieri existimantes, operantem in se Dominum magnificant, illud cum Propheta dicentes: Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam; sicut nec Paulus Apostolus de prædicatione sua sibi aliquid inputavit dicens: Gloria Dei sum id quod sum; et iterum ipse dicit: Qui gloriatur, in Domino glorietur.
Unde et Dominus in Evangelio ait: Qui audit verba mea hæc et facit ea, similabo eum viro sapienti qui ædificavit domum suam super petram; venerunt flumina, flaverunt venti, et inpegerunt in domum illam, et non cecidit, quia fundata erat super petram. Hæc conplens Dominus expectat nos cotidie his suis sanctis monitis factis nos respondere debere. Ideo nobis propter emendationem malorum huius vitæ dies ad indutias relaxantur, dicente Apostolo: An nescis quia patientia Dei ad pænitentiam te adducit? Nam pius Dominus dicit: Nolo mortem peccatoris, sed convertatur et vivat.
Cum ergo interrogassemus Dominum, fratres, de habitatore tabernaculi eius, audivimus habitandi præceptum; sed si conpleamus habitatoris officium, erimus heredes regni cælorum. Conpleamus habitatoris officium. Ergo præparanda sunt corda nostra et corpora sanctæ præceptorum oboedientiæ militanda, et quod minus habet in nos natura possibile, rogemus Dominum, ut gratiæ suæ iubeat nobis adiutorium ministrare. Et si, fugientes gehennæ poenas, ad vitam volumus pervenire perpetuam, dum adhuc vacat et in hoc corpore sumus et hæc omnia per hanc lucis vitam vacat implere, currendum et agendum est modo quod in perpetuo nobis expediat.
Constituenda est ergo nobis dominici scola servitii. In qua institutione nihil asperum, nihil grave nos constituturos speramus; sed et si quid paululum restrictius, dictante æquitatis ratione, propter emendationem vitiorum vel conservationem caritatis processerit, non ilico pavore perterritus refugias viam salutis, quæ non est nisi angusto initio incipienda. Processu vero conversationis et fidei, dilatato corde inenarrabili dilectionis dulcedine curritur via mandatorum Dei, ut ab ipsius numquam magisterio discedentes, in eius doctrinam usque ad mortem in monasterio perseverantes passionibus Christi per patientiam participemur, ut et regno eius mereamur esse consortes. Amen.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

News: Tyburn Convent

I just thought I would let you all know that Tyburn Convent will have a monastic afternoon from 2.30pm on Sunday 7th October (1st Sunday of the Month). Please join them for tea and vespers and a Crypt tour at the shrine of the Tyburn Martyrs. Tyburn Convent, 8 Hyde Park Place, London W2 2LJ.
Please contact the sisters for more details. 020 7723 7262

I will be there should any of you wish to speak to me in person too. Although please bear in mind that I may not have too much time as I have to sort some things out with the Sisters.

God Bless you all,
Kim Lee

Friday, 14 September 2012

Vocation Story: Sister Tina Heltsley OP

33 Years of Unplanned, Joyful Life
Sister Tina Heltsley, OP

Twenty years old, a student at the University of California, engaged to be married, and on top of the world-this is a description of a person who decided that it might be fun to go to a foreign place (Chicago, IL) to give a year of service before continuing on my planned path of marriage, children, enormous success, and happiness!

Who would have guessed that my volunteer year would allow me to live with 11 of the most amazing, self-actualized, educated, and service-oriented women one could imagine! In a way never expected, I fell in love; I fell in love with the idea that education was not for one’s self-aggrandizement, but to be offered in service of others. I fell in love with the idea of living in community and working in harmony with totally other-centered, politically versed, and globally aware Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters.

Though the Sisters in the house with whom I lived were actually more in love with my fiancé than I, they, who had walked their own decision-filled paths to Dominican life, understood and supported my decision to enter the Congregation. I was never an angel, and my childhood friends still think that perhaps this is a phase I am going through, but my year of volunteer service has turned into 33 years of unplanned (at least not by me), yet very joyful, years as a Dominican Sister.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Blog Update

As far as I know, Emily is still on her vacation and should be back fairly soon.
I'm afraid that as I am currently working, I may not be on too often, but should you need anything, please feel free to email us on our email:

I will be keeping you all in my prayer.

God Bless and Peace in Christ,
Kim Lee

Friday, 7 September 2012

Vocation Story: Monica Oboagwina OP

A Lifelong Learner
by Monica Oboagwina,
OP Technology Support Specialist Edgewood College

Sr. Monica Oboagwina, OPMy name is Monica Oboagwina, OP, and I always wanted to be a Sister. I remember my siblings asking me what I would be when I grew up. “A Sister,” I replied instantly. They kept reminding me that Sisters have professions, so what will I do: teach, practice law, accounting, or medicine? I said, “The major superior will tell me what to do.”

I have since learned that it doesn’t work that way! I have grown up, and I have matured; am responsible; and am capable of making decisions in dialogue with my Sisters, my Congregation. I answered my call as I admired the Dominican priests and brothers in my home parish of St. Dominic in Nigeria. I learned about their way of preaching: how they prayed the office and the rosary before Mass, how they celebrated Eucharist, and how they loved to visit and eat with our parishioners in their homes. They were always joyful and humble. I learned about St. Dominic, and I loved his contemplative life. Quiet time is very special to me. That’s when I humanly try to just let go; relax; pray; and drink in the happy, peaceful silence I feel in my whole being.

I recognize my vocation to vowed life as a gift from God to love and serve God in relationship with God’s people. Living out my vow of obedience enhances my spiritual life. I’m happy and at peace. There are challenges just as there are in single or married life, but, with the grace of God, I will continue to learn and live out my calling as a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa, even unto death!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Blog Update

You've probably realised that we haven't done too much for a while, so apologies for that. Emily is on vacation at the moment and I am working, so it's a bit hard to update things for the time being, especially as I've just moved out and don't really have much internet access. I am hoping to get a laptop soon, so pray it works so I can continue to do things like this!

What's happening in my life?
Well, I've signed up for RCIA with my local Catholic parish, got a sponsorship and apprenticeship, moved out and am completely independent. I'm now living in London and have been in touch with Tyburn and the Salesians.
Should you wish to contact me, please email us:

God Bless you all,
Kim Lee