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Friday, 7 September 2012

Vocation Story: Monica Oboagwina OP

A Lifelong Learner
by Monica Oboagwina,
OP Technology Support Specialist Edgewood College

Sr. Monica Oboagwina, OPMy name is Monica Oboagwina, OP, and I always wanted to be a Sister. I remember my siblings asking me what I would be when I grew up. “A Sister,” I replied instantly. They kept reminding me that Sisters have professions, so what will I do: teach, practice law, accounting, or medicine? I said, “The major superior will tell me what to do.”

I have since learned that it doesn’t work that way! I have grown up, and I have matured; am responsible; and am capable of making decisions in dialogue with my Sisters, my Congregation. I answered my call as I admired the Dominican priests and brothers in my home parish of St. Dominic in Nigeria. I learned about their way of preaching: how they prayed the office and the rosary before Mass, how they celebrated Eucharist, and how they loved to visit and eat with our parishioners in their homes. They were always joyful and humble. I learned about St. Dominic, and I loved his contemplative life. Quiet time is very special to me. That’s when I humanly try to just let go; relax; pray; and drink in the happy, peaceful silence I feel in my whole being.

I recognize my vocation to vowed life as a gift from God to love and serve God in relationship with God’s people. Living out my vow of obedience enhances my spiritual life. I’m happy and at peace. There are challenges just as there are in single or married life, but, with the grace of God, I will continue to learn and live out my calling as a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa, even unto death!

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