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Friday, 5 October 2012

Celebrations - Feast of St Francis of Assisi

I've spent the last week at my local Catholic parish really getting to know how things work, and who the people who go there are. I'm finding it much better now that people are beginning to recognise me as someone who "belongs" to their parish - previous to that I felt rather nervous because I didn't really know anyone, and I always think it just takes that extra little bit of time to get to know the parishioners before one feels at home anywhere. Church has been open in the evenings for Adoration, evening prayer and benediction, and on Wednesday, for the Transitus, and on Thursday, for the celebrations of the Feast of St Francis. I met some lovely people and learned a bit more about St Francis and Franciscan spirituality. It was a nice change from what I am used to, with the tension and anti-Catholic atmospehere I normally experience at home. I guess it's nice to have moved out and have some apce to just be myself.

I will be at Tyburn on Sunday, so if anyone wants to speak to me re: this, or The Vocation Operation blog, then please do come and speak to me then, or otherwise, email us:

I believe Emily will be making a few changes, so please do bear with us re: updates to our website. I will be posting more on RB (The Rule of St Benedict) soon. Please watch this space.

God Bless,
Kim Lee

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