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Monday, 8 October 2012

Ten Hours at Tyburn Convent, London

I spent pretty much the whole of yesterday at Tyburn Convent in London. I arrived around 7am, in time for the Office (Lauds), which would normally be followed by Mass. It was a bit different yesterday as the priest did not come until 2.30pm, so Mass was shifted to 2.30pm. After the morning paryer, I went to breakfast, and then spent time in the convent library, reading the catechism and from time to time, I would go to the tribune, above the chapel downstairs. I prefer being up the tribune from time to time as I can see over the grills, and also because I more or less had it all to myself yesterday. I met a lovely Filipino family from America who were visiting the Tyburn Nuns on their holiday. They were lovely and we were speaking a bit in Tagalog (the national language of the Philippines). It was nice that Mother Esther and Mother Macrina were there to join us in conversation from time to time throughout the morning. I later saw Mother Matthias, the assistant general, who passed on the message that Mother General has given me permission to post the vocation information on Tyburn Convent. I also spoke to her about various other things that will remain confidential. Lunch followed, and I had the opportunity to speak to one of the Oblates, Tom. He kept saying to Mother Macrina that I could be a potential novice in the future. I told him not to say that - I mean, hang on a minute, I'm not even Catholic yet! I think I'll take this one step at a time and complete my RCIA first before I start doing too much re the Religious Life! After Mass was the monastic afternoon (every first Sunday of the month from 2.30pm), but rather than following the others downstairs for the crypt tour etc, I just had a up of tea and then saw Mother Catherine - this is a rare opportunity since she is often moved around and I don't get much of a chance to see her. We talked for a while before going to the Office (Vespers) - Mother Catherine went back into the enclosure, and I was back upstairs in the Tribune. I had to go after the Office, so I bid my lovely spiritual Mothers a temporary goodbye until next month and prayed to God to always bless them before leaving to go home with a copy of their book on Mother Foundress, 'The Path of Mother Adele Garnier'.
Please watch this space for more updates re my visits to Tyburn. :)
Keeping you always in my prayer,
Kim Lee :)

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