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Friday, 16 November 2012

An interesting conversation...

This morning I had a rather interesting conversation with the parish priest. I had asked to see him about a few things, but then towards the end of the conversation, he asked me if I knew the brothers before I came to the parish. I had only ever heard of them maybe once or twice when people in my parish in Cambridge would talk about various people they knew. One of the families from Cambridge who I know from Church knew them due to their work with the national association of Catholic families. That is all I really knew about them - their name. I told this to the parish priest and he said I seemed to fit in very well in the parish and with the brothers. I think, and please correct me if I am mistaken, people seem to think I know the brothers well, which I can't really claim I do. I have only known them for the few weeks I have been in the parish. I also said to the parish priest that the Tyburn nuns and the Salesian sisters like to tease me and tell people who visit that the next time they come they will be asking for "Sister Kim" - and I said to him that I asked them not to say that just yet! I think I might have just "let the cat out of the bag" - I wasn't exactly trying to hint at any sign of me discerning the Religious life to anyone at Church really, but I've probably, by natural articulation, have done just that!

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  1. I am praying for you Kim,keep well tuned in to the Holy Spirit as you discern Gods willthis involves keeping an open mind. Firstly. your Reception in to the Catholic Church is truly a great Gift from God and you are aware of this. Regarding Religious Life, Make haste slowly, take council from people you know and trust so that you are drawn to the institute which will allow you to grow and blossom into the full potential that God has planned for you. On a practical note If you can research communities to monitor the number who leave after one two or more years . it can be alarming. when you look closer. I cannot say any more but offer you my prayer as you journey on life's way.


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