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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Follow the Lamb, reflections

I've been reading 'Follow the Lamb', and there are a few things that stick in my mind: "Keep both eyes on God, not one on God and one on your neighbour, beware of useless judgements" - that is important as in order to really discern, the only person who can truly know if something is for them, or whether they are making the right decision is YOU, no one else, not even one's SD can tell you where is right for you. In keeping in mind that it is between you and God, I find it is much easier to contemplate and meditate and pray about God's will for each of us. We all have a vocation, but where we are called to is for us to discern. Something my SD always says to me is that you don't have to go through set prayers or meditations etc, you can just say something like, "Lord, this is how things are right now, this is what I think, this is what I want, but only if it's right for me according to your will, or else lead me to where you want me to be" (that would be the generalisation of the specific things he said to me, obviously I am keeping my conversations at a fairly private level, as you understand).
Another thing that stuck me was about the retreat book was this: The Three Foods: The Word of God, The Eucharist, The Will of God - these for me, are three of the most important things to bear in mind in living out our faith. Without bearing these three things in mind, we are going nowhere. We are wondering around like "Sheep without a shepherd". I will write more on that when I get the chance.
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