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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Religious' Prayers and Sayings - Ven. Mary Ward

Ven. Mary Ward: "Only fear to fear too much"

We often forget that we are in the special care of Our Lord and Our Lady, who are watching over us very carefully, with all the angels and saints. Often when we go through difficulties, in our trials and troubles, we think that the Lord has forsaken us, we think, "How could He, the God we know to be omniscient, omnipotent, benign, ever loving and ever merciful let such a horrible thing happen to me?", and it's true to say that we are only human and that it is very easy to fall into that trap, if I may call it a 'trap'. Mary Ward used the phrase: "Only fear to fear too much" - we so easily forget that God knows all and is always with us that we start getting scared of what might happen to us, or the consequences of what has happened to us, and we forget to trust God and turn to Him in our troubles. In everything, turn to the Lord and trust Him, and know that we are not to be ignorant of His presence. Make sure you always take the time to pray, to see God in others, and to remind yourself that God is there. Receive the sacraments regularly as they will strengthen you - as long as you allow them to. In being fearful, we are not fully aware, or mindful of God and our vocation. We become focused on our fears, on what might happen, and end up anticipating dangerously inaccurate, even irrelevant outcomes, such that we cannot and must not be able to fully discern properly what God is calling us to do at any particular moment in time. That is why I think it is important that we remember to trust in God and not be consumed with fear, for in fear, we can never find peace. My spiritual Father said this to me, "When a message is from God it's always accompanied by peace" - it is essential that you know that, so that when you are discerning whether something has been part of God's will, or just the free will of a person tempted by Satan and carrying that out, you know.

Let me know if you have any further thoughts on this matter.

God Bless,
Kim Lee

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