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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Come Holy Spirit

I was at a workshop retreat day in the parish yesterday led by a friend of my spiritual Father from France. He went through a number of exercises with the intention of helping us to open up and be more receptive to the Holy Spirit. In the evening there was Mass followed by a prayer service. During the prayer service I witnessed many people fall over when they were being prayed over and I thought, "Really? Is the Holy Spirit that powerful that people fall over and lose balance and scream things?" but then it came to my turn, and my spiritual father called my name and asked me to step forward. I lost balance in an instant with the Deacon (friend of my spiritual Father) praying over me. Because I understand French, my spiritual Father did not translate. When I fell, my spiritual Father caught me in his arms and said, "It's ok, Kim, relax" and blessed me with the sign of the cross on my forehead. The Deacon continued to pray over me. I was so moved that I was left shaking afterwards.
The Holy Spirit is powerful. If only we would be more attentive to the Holy Spirit, we would realise this. The Holy Spirit is a person, part of the Trinity. Often, we forget this and so ignore this person such that we do not pray to the Holy Spirit, but we should, especially on this feast of Pentecost. Take some time to pray to the Holy Spirit. If it helps, use the 'Come Holy Spirit' prayer.
God Bless you and John 14:27 (Peace I bequeath you, my peace I leave you...)

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