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Monday, 15 July 2013

Blog Update: Update on Kim's Story

I have updated my story. Feel free to read it, make comments, email us and pray for us, as we are praying for you. I am also working on a few more community spotlights, so please bear with me. 
Thanks and God Bless. Links are below.

Thursday, 11 July 2013


Evening Reflection by Kim Lee, Foundress (TVO)

When people ponder the will of God in their lives, they often think of a set path that God has put down that they need to walk. They think about this path as one of joy, happiness and perfect fulfilment. Often the questions they ask themselves, at least initially, revolve around whether they liked a particular thing, or disliked it, and whether they could see themselves going down this one path that God seems to have set for them. Actually, that can often be a mistake. It is unhelpful, even dangerous and detrimental to think and discern along those lines. Instead think of it like this: God has invited you to walk with Him, on a journey called "life on Earth" and has handed you a personal invitation to accept, but rather than a set date or time or place from God, it is an invitation tailored to you. The invitation is there until YOU are ready to accept it, that is, if you actually want to, and no matter what, God will still be with you, walking with you down whatever path you chose to walk down. There are endless possibilities. However, along the way, God wants to point out some exciting ventures you could be getting involved in on the way to this beautiful surprise He has planned for you. If you are open to it, then He can send you "sign posts" to show you the way to a beautiful place - the place where He knows you can come closer to being truly yourself, happy, and fully human. So rather than thinking of what you like and dislike, what you have ruled out as "not being you" or narrowed down to what is "you", think of it like this: What is God asking of me? Where does He want me? What does He want me to do with this experience He is giving me? What am I drawn to? What attracts me to a particular way of life or decision? Only then can you really begin to discern. That is still only the very beginning of this adventure called "life".