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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Vocations Video - Franciscan Sisters Minoress

This is a short vocations video from the Franciscan Sisters Minoress.

For more information, please visit:

Or email Kim Lee ( if you have any questions or would like to be put in touch with the Franciscan Sisters Minoress as she knows them personally.

God Bless.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Sometimes the right decisions are the hardest to make. You know they are the best decision at the time to have made, and that it will only be in your best interest that such a decision is carried forward, but at the same time, it hurts. You can pretend all you want that you are mature and able to take the decision well, but inside, you still hurt. I guess that's what makes us human. These decisions are hard, but they enable you to take a leap of faith and take the next step, and know that you are not walking the road alone. On every inch of the path, God is there to guide you, even if you cannot see it or recognise it. It is true to say that you may be inwardly aware that this is all part of God's will - and in my case, it is such. What's funny is that I always say that I should be careful of what I pray for, because, as we have been told in the Gospel of Matthew, "Ask and you shall receive, Seek and ye shall find, Knock and the door will be opened to you..." (Matthew 7:7), and I have received what I asked for, the things I sought, I found, and the doors I knocked on opened.
At the same time, it is so terrifyingly scary. We are human, and naturally, we fear the unknown. We can be open to things, and attentive to the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us, saying "Speak Lord, your servant is listening" (1 Samuel 3:10), and this is indeed a beautiful thing, but so many times I have said that and then tried to run from God. I think it's mainly because I am so sure of where He is leading me, and I have been granted so much of what I asked for that it is often very hard to believe. God is so good to us, if only we knew how blessed we all are, truly and beautifully blessed, so I am not sad about some of the decisions I have had to make, only determined to allow them to let me grow and become stronger in God's time.
Asking for your prayers, while assuring you of mine,
Kim Lee
The Vocation Operation

Monday, 5 August 2013

Franciscan Sisters Minoress - Vocations "Come and See" September 2013

Franciscan Vocations Website

By the way, as I have been there before, should you wish to be provided with directions on how to get to the convent, then please feel free to email me: and ask! It isn't exactly the easiest of places to get to and I know a lot of people get lost going there! GB. :)

Do you feel God calling you to explore

 the meaning of a Franciscan Vocation?

We are a group of Franciscan Sisters and we meet once a month with young people to discern the call to religious life.Vocation Discernment Afternoon
Date of  next meeting: Saturday 7 September 2013
Time: 2.00pm - 5.00pm  
If this is not a good time for you to come - let us know and we'll try to sort our another opportunity. 
Come and meet the Sisters at St Clare's and other young people exploring their future. The afternoon involves some input on Religious Life, time for Eucharistic adoration, opportunity for a one-to-one chat with Sr Marianne, evening prayer and tea with the community.
On-line DiscernmentTo experience on-line discernment visit me on Facebook every Tuesday evening between 8-9pm for a live chat.  You will find me under 'Marianne Lucchesi'. If you send a friend request mention vocation so I know who you are!
Hoping to meet you.

Vocation Discernment Visits
You are welcome to visit us on our discernment afternoons if you are local, and women who live further away may visit overnight or come for a weekend.

Taster Weekends - OUR NEXT TASTER WEEKEND IS 27-29 SEPTEMBER (this is the weekend that KIM LEE will be there!)

The sisters continue to welcome young women discerning their vocation to join them for taster weekends.
These are held for groups or individuals and give women a chance to experience something of the life of a Franciscan Minoress sister.
They also have the opportunity to spend some time talking with one of the sisters about how the Lord might be calling them.
 Keep an eye on this website for further details or visit our events pages on xt3 and on Facebook.
Do keep an eye on our vocations site or contact the sisters to enquire about attending
weekends or for more details on other forthcoming weekends

You can contact us about either event at the following email address for further details:
Go to our main website:

Meetings take place at: St Clare's Convent, Stretton Road, Clay Cross, Derbyshire S45 9AQ (01246) 862621

St Clare's Convent, Clay Cross, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S45 9AQ

8 Steps to Discerning

I found this on the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal Website and thought I would share it with you all. You might find it a helpful resource for your discernment. :)

Be Quiet: In order to hear the Lord's voice calling, take time to pray and meditate in silence about your vocation, especially in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

Find a spiritual director - somebody you can be open with, who can help you to develop your relationship with God and to help you know yourself better.

Ask a priest, brother or sister in your parish to put you in touch with the vocation director.

Read up on religious and priestly life. Look at the good periodicals on vocations and check out the ads.

Write to the communities that interest you.

Visit the ones you feel called to you.

Build a relationship with the one with which you have a sense of coming home. Get involved in its summer and monthly programs. Don't just talk the talk - walk the walk with them as well.

Wait for the Lord; discerning your vocation is a process. God's timing is always perfect - but seldom seems soon enough.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Update: Kim's Story

I have always been aware of things around me, even when I seem oblivious to my surroundings, I often know what is going on. Throughout my life, I have noticed certain things come and go, but particular things stuck. They didn't just "stick", they grew. In my heart, I have always known that I wanted to give my life to God, wholly and completely, and that until I did, I would not find fulfilment. I would not become fully "myself", who God made me to be. People would suggest that it was because I wasn't in full communion with the Church yet (this was when I was younger) and I would, to some extent believe them, but then deep in my heart, I always knew that God wanted more. I am not perfect, nor do I strive for perfection, but I know that I am ever more aware of God's presence and where He is leading me. I know that deep inside my heart, He wants me to hand my life over to Him, so I can serve Him fully, and I also know that I am very strongly attracted to the Religious Life. There is an emptiness in my heart, an emptiness that only ever slightly "fills up" when I am with the sisters. I cannot explain it, but I am just so "at home", so "myself" and so "at one with God" that  to verbalise the experience I am having or to put it into words could not, and would not do it justice. I know I am young, and that I'm only 18 and have only just entered the Church, but really, spiritually speaking, I have been in the Church for many years longer than that. It is written in grace in the depths of my heart to give myself over to Christ - there is nothing else that will ever satisfy me. This I know.  People have said to me that when I know, in God's time, I will just know. But what if I am telling you that I do know, and that I also know "that time" is near? I cannot explain it, but it is almost like a gut reaction, but it is more than a physical "knowing", it's a "spiritual knowing", inspired by the Holy Spirit. If we are only attentive to the Holy Spirit, then we can be guided and led by Him.

That's it for now as I must retire to my bed, otherwise I will be cutting diagonal lines of fabric for customers instead of straight lines, and we wouldn't want that now, would we? I am working in Haberdashery tomorrow, and will probably have a number of tasks to do as well. God Bless you all and Goodnight. :)

Vocations Chat Discernment Evening ONLINE via Facebook

Hi Everyone,

Tuesday Evenings we have a Vocations Chat on Facebook from GMT 8-9pm.

To join us, please send a request to join: Vocations Chat (

God Bless.

Blog Update

Hello everyone,

I am sorry that Emily and I have not written on the blog for while. Things have been really busy lately and it's been hard to keep up with everything, especially to get the time to go online and write up what we would like to write up. I haven't actually heard from Emily for a while, so if anyone does hear from her, please do let me know. I am not sure what is going on at the moment, but she seems to be offline, so in the meantime, please do keep her especially in your prayer.

I am currently working on a feature on Franciscan life, and I will be providing an insight into a few Franciscan Religious communities so that you can all find out a bit more about the Franciscan way of life.  Should you know any communities or congregations who would like to get involved in this project, please do let me know. Email:

I will keep you updated with what is happening with regards to my discernment. As you know, I am currently discerning a vocation to the Religious life, and I am just taking each moment as it comes, with an openness and attentiveness to the Holy Spirit, that He might lead me and guide me to help me to do the Father's will.

I will keep you all in my prayer as always,

God Bless and Peace in Christ,
The Vocation Operation