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Saturday, 21 September 2013

On Minority...and more...

Minority - it's a term that many people in the world today view as negative, derogatory, and unsuccessful. It is something a lot of people think of as something they don't aspire to. That is because they do not understand the true meaning of what it means to live a life in the spirit of Minority, what it is to live out the Gospel with a sense of Minority in mind. Minority is not a trap you fall into or an escape or excuse for those who have "failed" in the worldly sense. To live a life with the spirit of Minority is not to be self-seeking, not to seek prestige or special status, nor to attract the attention of all those around you deliberately for self reward. We read in Scripture that we should rather "store up treasures in Heaven" (Matthew 6:19-21) instead of seek reward on Earth "where moths and rust destroy, and theives break in and steal", in the same way, we can live our lives looking only to please God in service, and not seek out to be the most well known for such service, lest we lose our heavenly reward. To live in minority is to live as a brother or sister to all those around you, including our enemies, because it is they who need us most to show them love and mercy as God has shown us, for we are all sinners. It is not an unsuccess to live in the spirit of minority, nor does it mean that we do not take care of ourselves. Quite the opposite - by showing that we can see that we are beautiful to God, and live our lives simply and with human dignity without becoming attached to material wealth or status, we can show love and make an example of our lives as children of God. This is the meaning of true evangelisation - to pass on to those the love of God by living in the Truth, always bearing in mind the desire to bring about God's kingdom. By not having the material attachment, or everything we want all the time, we release our inner hunger for God, which allows us to always keep in mind His will for us, and our duty to serve Him as our Creator.

- Kim Lee (Thérèse)

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