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Friday, 6 December 2013

Friday of the First Week of Advent - 6th December

Friday of the First Week of Advent - 6th December

Responsorial Psalm
Psalms 27:1, 4, 13-14

The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom should I fear? The Lord is the fortress of my life, whom should I dread?

One thing I ask of the Lord, one thing I seek: to dwell in the Lord's house all the days of my life, to enjoy the sweetness of the Lord, to seek out his temple.

This I believe: I shall see the goodness of the Lord, in the land of the living.
Put your hope in the Lord, be strong, let your heart be bold, put your hope in the Lord.

Let your heart be bold. When we discern our vocation, that requires our hearts to be bold. We take a leap of faith, often into the unknown. But we also orient ourselves towards seeking God, towards knowing Him better and finding a deeper intimacy with Christ. Sometimes faith compels us to choose the more difficult road. But we have nothing to fear from that road, because the Lord is with us. We are pushed and challenged because we need to be. To do the will of God requires us to do what is difficult and uneasy. We do not expect to lead lives free of suffering, because Christ suffered so greatly for us.

The way in which we accept our trials and our sufferings and deal with them is what makes us truly Christian. It is in getting up again after our falling, and in offering up our sufferings and uniting them to Christ’s suffering on the Cross which prepares our hearts so that we are truly ready to receive whatever the Lord throws at us in life, with an openness and attentiveness to the Holy Spirit. This is how we live the Christian life, truly and wholly, and this is, in fact, the way we will discover God’s will for us - by living the present moment and giving each day to Him with patience and perseverance, and trusting in Him who loves us more than we can ever begin to imagine.

Part of taking a leap of faith, especially for discerners, is to recognise that things around you will not stay the same, people will change, and you, yourself will change over time. We do not know the future. We cannot know what is to come. All we know is that God loves us and is for ever faithful to us, His children. Cling to Jesus!

Advent Advantage:

Reflect on the Serenity Prayer attributed to St. Francis of Assisi (God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference) and pray with it. Offer up everything to God - the good and the suffering, and remember this: “God works with those who love Him, and will turn all to their good” (Romans 8:28).

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