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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Latest Project - Film and Booklet


(If you are Franciscan and Evangelical, the third branch of Religious, then we'd also like to hear from you)

As part of the promotion work that EmilyAnn and I have been doing on Vocations, we have decided to launch a new project. It has been noticed that a lot of people keep seeing contemplative congregations in the media, and have a stereotype of a Carmelite nun or a Benedictine, in their veils and doing manual work in the garden etc. So we thought we should do something about that!

The project is aimed to feature Apostolic Religious Sisters to give discerners an insight on what it is like with an Apostolic Congregation. It will be aimed at women aged between 18-40, practising Roman Catholics, who are interested in Religious Life. We are hoping to create a intercongregational leaflet/booklet - like the Community Spotlights on our blog, and also, if possible, to put together a film as well. What we are hoping to do is interview some sisters (and aspirants/candidates/postulants/novices) so we can put the clips back to back under little title slides e.g. "A day in the life of a Postulant (congregations listed)" with little comments/clips from postulants and their daily life etc.
Also if anyone would like to share clips from their vows, that would be good too - "this is what happens when a sister becomes professed..." (with clips and some info. on what happens in different congregations).
We might even feature some vocation stories. Would you be interested in helping us with this?

Please let us know soon as I (Kim) will start putting things together as a PowerPoint presentation first.


With love and prayer,
Kim Lee x