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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Update: The Story so far: Kim

I keep thinking to myself, "there must be more to life than what we can see with our naked eyes". All the decisions I have been making make me question whether what I am doing is really God's will or a made up idea in my head, but then when I really think about it, and pray about it, I keep finding myself come back to the same conclusion - what I am doing seems, at least, to be guiding me closer to becoming more myself, more fully human, and I am beginning to 'feel' more fulfilled. I keep asking whether I am becoming the person God made me to be. I love the quotation from St. Catherine of Sienna: "If you are who God wants you to be, you will set the whole world on fire". It really does strike me as I always think of that insatiable desire in my heart to be of service to God in all that I am, and that 'fire' in my soul longing to "be at one with God" in a life devoted entirely to Him. Since I was three I knew that this seed was already growing in me, even though I did not fully understand it at that age. It is now sixteen years later, and I still remember even as a young child asking this: "God, you have given me so much love in my heart, yet I have no one I feel I can give it to. I do not know what to do with it, or who I can share this beautiful, infinite love with. Please help me, dearest Jesus to share and give this love those you want me to give it to". Little did I know that was the beginning of my vocation to be a sister to all, whether that is as a Religious or a Lay person or something else, I am still discerning, but I know that the Lord gave me that fervent desire for good reason, and such a longing could not, and I would say, should not be ignored. I had to embrace it, and I do hope I am. It is such a beautiful gift from God. O Lord, teach me your ways, and inspire me to share this love in doing your will. Through Christ our Lord, Amen. :) God Bless. x

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  1. Great idea! I’m really looking forward to reading some of the articles. I will post this to my vocations blog too to spread it around the networks. :)
    God Bless.
    Kim Lee (Therese)
    The Vocation Operation


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