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Friday, 6 June 2014


4TH - 6TH JULY 2014



Open to men and women aged 17-35.

The Invocation website is
A magnificent line up of speakers & workshops, 
with wonderful times of stillness and prayer. 
Speakers include 
Cardinal Vincent Nichols 
Archbishop Rino Fisichella 
President of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization 
Curtis Martin 
Founder of the Fellowship for College and University Students, USA 
Sr Roseann Reddy 
Co-Foundress of the Sisters of the Gospel of Life, Scotland 
Dr Andrew O’Connell 
Communications Director for the Presentation Brothers, Dublin 
Whether this form has been personally handed 
to you by a Priest or School Chaplain, or 
whether you have come across it while 
browsing through other leaflets, I warmly 
encourage you to come for the weekend in 
Birmingham in July. In this little note, I will try 
to answer some of the key questions … 
WHAT IS IT? Invocation 2014 is a discernment 
festival. That means it is a weekend full of 
opportunities for you to think more deeply 
about who God is calling you to be. You might 
never have thought about that before – that 
God has a particular calling, personally, for you 
– or you might have been reflecting on it for a 
while and are seeking further guidance and 
inspiration. The speakers at Invocation are 
magnificent, which brings me to … 
WHO WILL BE THERE? Firstly, and mainly, 
about 300 – 400 young adults from across the 
country with many of the same questions, joys, 
doubts and hopes that you have, wanting to 
bring these things to God in an atmosphere 
that will inspire faith, along with challenge, 
fresh ideas and fresh ways to see things. There 
will be Priests from many Dioceses, and 
Religious Brothers and Sisters – and it might be 
that you are thinking about Priesthood and 
Religious Life, or you might have quite different 
thoughts about your own life journey. Either 
way, to hear what inspired them to make their 
decisions could be helpful to you. And five 
keynote speakers will share great wisdom: 
Curtis Martin founded the Fellowship of 
College and University Students, USA. This 
organisation now employs over 300 staff, 
working on College and University Campuses, 
and “helps to build a joyful, Christ-centred 
community and support network on each 
campus where we have a presence.” Working 
with many, many young people in their late 
teens and early twenties, plus mission teams in 
their late twenties and thirties, what Curtis has 
to say about our vocation will be well worth 
listening to – and Invocation is flying him in 
from America! See more at 
Archbishop Rino Fisichella is a gifted Professor 
and teacher of Theology, and served as 
President of the Pontifical Lateran University in 
Rome. He is now President of the Pontifical 
Academy for the New Evangelization, and will 
bring a great depth of theological knowledge to 
his presentation at the Invocation weekend. He 
is flying in from the Vatican. 
Sr Roseann Reddy was inspired by Cardinal 
Winning, and in 2000 founded the Sisters of the 
Gospel of Life, working to support women 
facing difficult circumstances during pregnancy. 
Dr Andrew O’Connell works for the 
Presentation Brothers in Dublin, as their 
Communications Director. He has valuable 
insights into social & digital media as a means 
for Evangelization. 
Cardinal Vincent Nichols and Archbishop 
Bernard Longley will be bringing their deep and 
long experience to their preaching at Masses 
during the weekend. Throughout the weekend 
there will be a wide variety of workshops, led 
by people of great wisdom and experience. 
grounds of Oscott College, Birmingham. We will 
also use the College chapel for times of quiet 
prayer and reflection. 
Yes - you should know that the accommodation 
is in marquees divided U18/18+ and 
male/female, and so you’ll need to bring a 
sleeping bag and roll mat / air mattress. Once 
you are booked in, I’ll be in touch with more 
specific details of what to bring, where to meet 
for the transport, etc. And do feel free to call or 
email me at any time if you have any questions. 
I look forward to meeting you.  

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