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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Lent Reflections: 4th Sunday of Lent 2015

This is a rare occasion as I normally wouldn't post a hand-written reflection from one of my journals. However, I felt that this was one I wanted to share, and one that wasn't too personal, so here you go.

The short phrase at the top of the article is taken from John's Gospel, which was the Gospel for this Sunday.

The short reflection I wrote about the verse was inspired by the Teens Ministry in my parish. I was helping out at one of their events after Mass last night and we were talking about the three denials of Jesus that Peter had committed. I was one of the group leaders, helping to lead the teenagers there into a prayerful time of reflection of when they had denied Jesus. It was also a time where they were allowed to share why they thought they denied Jesus in various situations - their fears, their hopes, and their feelings about their faith and belief in Jesus. It was a very interesting experience.

Looking at when we deny Jesus is very appropriate for Lent. After all, by sinning, we deny him our love in so many different ways. So, let us take this time of Lent to reflect how we could deny Jesus less and less, that one day, by His grace, we no longer deny Him, but recognise, appreciate and accept Him openly as our Lord and Saviour, but also as our Brother and our Friend. Jesus loves us all exactly the way we are, and when He fell on the way to Calvary, when going there to be crucified, He always got back up. Let us get up and rise up for the Lord! Follow His example! Praise the name of Jesus!

Please be assured of my prayers for you all, especially those of you who are discerning at this time.

God bless you all! :)

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