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Mission Statement
The Vocation Operation aims to provide a comprehensive directory of religious communities as well as compile and create a variety of resources for those discerning the religious life.

How We Started

The Vocation Operation was founded by Emily Ann Francis and Kim-Thérèse Lee. We both had blogs which compiled lists of religious communities and other discernment resources. We realised that pooling our efforts we could make a much more extensive resource, and so The Vocation Operation was born on Monday, 20th February 2012. At the time, Emily was 20 and Kim-Thérèse was 17.

We have several pages on Religious Communities for various countries as well as a page on Vocations Resources. The pages are all separated by spirituality and then by whether they are men's or women's communities. We also have pages on marriage and lay/secular/third orders. Pages can be found on the top left-hand corner in a drop-down menu.

For our own vocation stories, please see the 'Emily's Story' or 'Kim-Thérèse's Story' pages for our updated discernment journeys. Obviously these are going to change over time and we will keep you updated.

Our Features

We run a variety features on the blog, here is a list of our major features and what they do:

Vocation Stories: features reflections written by religious on their vocations. Discernment is such a personal process and it can be daunting and we appreciate how knowing others are and have been in the same boat can be very reassuring!
Community Spotlights: allow for us to feature a specific community in more detail than we can on the main lists and give readers more information about the spirituality, charism, practices and history of the community and recommend some further resources for anyone interested in the community.
Order, Order: gives some of the history of different orders and congregations and allows us to explore the charism of their founders and how the orders have evolved over their history and what they are today.
Guides: these are designed to give you more information about various aspects and processes of religious life and discernment.
Saint's Corner: here we feature the stories of various saints, including religious founders and reformers.

If you want to see all of the posts from a certain feature then all posts are labelled with the name of their feature, just find the name of the feature in the 'Labels' list of the sidebar. Posts are also labelled by order and by gender, although only the larger orders and congregations have their own labels (otherwise the logistics would just be impossible) but all others are labelled under "Other Religious".


This blog and the authors are 100% obedient and faithful to the Catholic Church and His Holiness Pope Francis. All communities featured on this blog are, to the best of our knowledge, in full Communion with the Holy Catholic Church. If we inadvertently feature any community that is not as such then please do inform us and we will remove them.

If you want to quote any of our writings in your own blog or in another online medium, please give us credit and link back to us. We try our best to appropriately source and give credit to original authors if we post their material. If any credits are missing or you are unhappy with your works being posted here, please contact us and we will give appropriate credit or remove your material, as you wish.

Comment Policy

  • We do not allow anonymous comments and word verification is required to post a comment. 
  • All spam will be reported and removed.
  • We do not allow profanity or personal attacks and any such comments will be deleted.
  • We reserve the right to moderate, edit and remove any comments as we see fit and for any reason.
  • This policy is subject to change by the owners at any time. 


Email: Kim-Thérèse Lee:
Our other email is currently still experiencing technical difficulties, so please email Kim-Thérèse Lee. Thanks.

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