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Religious - Canada

If there are any mistakes on this page they may be down to my only basic understanding of French. Please do correct me if I've made any mistakes. Also due to my limited French there are some where I can't find information such as location so any help would be greatly appreciated, I've noted these communities next to the links. 

Benedictines (Men)

Carmelites (Men)

Carmelites (Women)

Carthusians (Men)

Cistercians & Trappists (Men)

Dominicans (Men)

Dominicans (Women)

Franciscans (Women)

Jesuits (Men)
Jesuits in Canada

Passionist (Men)


  1. Soeurs Dominicaines De La Trinite

    1045 Bd Rene Levesque
    Quebec, QC G1S 1V3

    Address of Dominican Sisters of the Trinity in Quebec

  2. address Franciscan Friars in Montreal


    Couvent de la Résurrection
    5750, boulevard Rosemont
    Montréal (Québec)
    HlT 2H2
    Bureau: (514) 259-2542
    Couvent: (514) 259-6911
    Té1écopieur: (514) 259-7407

    1. Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it!


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